19 september 2018

KPMG delivers value added services on iWelcome for the Nordics and across Europe

KPMG delivers value added services on iWelcome for the Nordics and across Europe

KPMG Oy signed a partnership agreement with iWelcome. KPMG Oy in Helsinki, with approximately 50 identity specialists, is the KPMG Europe center of expertise for Consumer IAM. Through this alliance, value-added services are delivered across Europe. KPMG member firms in countries like France, Italy, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands have seen a clear demand for these services among KPMG clients. Via this partnership, consultants are trained and will have access to the most in-depth information of iWelcome.

KPMG Oy will not only provide consultancy around iWelcome for CIAM and Consent Lifecycle Management but will also be delivering iWelcome to their customers as part of ‘KPMG Connect’, KPMG’s online access management service.

Jukka Lauhia, KPMG Advisory Partner responsible for Digital Identity: “Digitalisation requires identity services that evolve with our client’s business and the world. Taking away friction in the customer journeys, empowering the customer and applying security and privacy measures where needed. That is our field of expertise and is exactly what we deliver to our clients, from conceptualization to implementation to operation. We see the iWelcome platform as one of the best identity platforms in the world to build upon.”

Maarten Stultjens, iWelcome’s VP Alliances and Corporate Development, feels delighted about this new partnership: “KPMG is involved from the very first step of the digital transformation processes. With its wide range of expertise from Business to IT to Legal, they can see the big picture, and serve customers across countries. Naturally iWelcome is proud to have a partner that can bring the iWelcome technology to live, get the best out of it for our clients and to work with one of the top advisory firms in the world.