17 januari 2023

Meta acquires 3D printed optics firm Luxexcel

Meta has acquired Filsa portfolio company, Luxexcel. Read the full article here

The deal was announced in late December with terms not yet disclosed.

It is believed Meta has sought to acquire the Belgian-Dutch company to further strengthen the development of its augmented reality glasses. Luxexcel has already proved out the capability of combining a prescription lens, waveguide and projector into a 3D printed prescription lens with WaveOptics, while in 2018 the company also supplied 3D printed prescription lenses to Vuzix Corp for its Blade AR smartglasses.

In a statement given to several outlets, Meta noted that it is “delighted that the Luxexcel team has joined Meta,” adding that the acquisition “extends the partnership between the two companies.” Though unconfirmed, it has been suggested that Luxexcel and Meta previously worked together to develop specialist lenses for Meta’s Project Aria – a project that would see AR technology integrated into standard glasses.