Do you need smart money? Filsa is your partner!

Filsa Capital B.V. and Filsa EAF B.V.* invest selectively in fast-growing early-stage companies in the Cleantech, Telecommunications, Internet and IT sector that acquire market share with innovative services in the B2B market and that have plans to expand into other countries. Filsa strives for an investment of between 5-15% in the share capital of the company in conjunction with a role in the management of the company as advisor or member of the supervisory board depending on the development stage of the company.

When investing in companies we use a number of criteria:

– The services must be a B2B offering, be unique, have distinctive aspects and must be innovative (bring online what offline is).
Moreover, they should already be commercially available or should be ready for a commercial rollout (have a paying launching customer);

– The services must be scalable assuming that the services can be sold in other countries;

– The revenues should be based on recurring payments based on a subscription relationship;

– The company must focus on a distinct market that allows for sufficient growth and the services should meet a specific need and add value;

– The management should have the right ambition.They should be able to execute the business plan and meet or surpass the (midterm) objectives.

*Filsa EAF BV is a joint venture between Filsa Holding B.V. and European Angels Fund S.C.A. SICAR.